Freedom Zone Confronts City Council

"Let's bring this meeting to order," said the Mayor. "Order, please." He banged the gavel. Quiet emerged in the packed City Council Chambers. Cameras flashed. "All right, to begin, this is a highly informal meeting, at the request of a group which calls themselves the Freedom Zone. This group, and the area where they reside,… Continue reading Freedom Zone Confronts City Council

The Meshdek – A Demonstration

An early episode, from Jim's college days, has surfaced. Jim Wallenberg stepped onto the mat. He was facing Bruce Lee, the legendary martial artist - or, in any event, a lifelike simulacrum. The two sparred, trading blows, dodging, leaping, striking, kicking, spinning. He felt every blow as it landed; by the time the session stopped,… Continue reading The Meshdek – A Demonstration

Old Man in Times Square Eludes Police

"Unhand me!" said the stooped, elderly, white-haired bum. He stank of rotting fish. "I have freedom of speech, no?" His accent was thick, hinting that his first language was not English, but perhaps Spanish. Black threads showed in his hair, especially his bushy eyebrows. He swung his heavy thick cane with surprising alacrity, managing somehow… Continue reading Old Man in Times Square Eludes Police

A Bad Encounter

"Papa, up." Robert stooped to lift his little girl. Biologically, his niece. Mama Traci, unawares, turned a corner. They were heading to a Sysadmin convention. As she passed a dark alcove, an arm snaked out, encircling her neck. "Pretty girl," a voice murmured. Just as quickly, Traci ducked and twisted, and he spotted a pistol… Continue reading A Bad Encounter

Encounter With LGBTQAI Protester

My family and I were walking through the Wallenberg Airport Mall. A middle-aged woman, wearing a shirt died in rainbow hues, held a sign: "Wallenberg Hostile To LGBTQAI rights." Curious, I introduced myself. "Hi, my name is Manus." "Hi, my name is Gloria." "How are you, Gloria? May I introduce my husband, Robert, and wife… Continue reading Encounter With LGBTQAI Protester

Interview With The Advocate

Next was a young fellow from the Advocate. He too was a perky blonde, but rather more stylish. "Could we talk about gay rights?" "Could we not talk about rights at all?" "Could you explain?" "It seems any time people talk about rights, we get into a complicated discussion. Is this a right? Is that… Continue reading Interview With The Advocate

Interview With A Christian

Perhaps I should vet these reporters, thought Jim. A perky blonde reporter from some religious birdcage-liner asked "Are you a man of faith, your Majesty?" "Ma'am, I must apologize, but I never discuss such private matters." "But, are you a Christian?" Jim said nothing. "OK, moving along. Does Wallenberg have religious freedom?" "We have freedom.… Continue reading Interview With A Christian