Skip The Whereases

My father taught me something wise. "When you hear somebody say 'blah blah blah but such-and-such,' the word 'but' is a signal. Everything before the 'but' is preamble, which you can safely ignore. After the 'but', that's the real substance, that's what they were leading you to. That's the important part." Whenever politicians speak, I… Continue reading Skip The Whereases

A Path To Liberty

As a path to liberty, violent attacks against the government seem to be a doomed strategy, for several reasons. For one thing, they're experts at violence; it is their core competency. For another, violent revolutions tend to attract many people who like violence for its own sake. These folks will at best stir up trouble;… Continue reading A Path To Liberty

Lies All The Way Down

Samuel Johnson's words in the Idler, betwixt 1758 and 1760, still hold; Truth is still the first casualty of war - or of politics, that ritualized form of overt warfare; the institutionalization of organized and sanctioned violence between and against members of a polity, rather than between separate political organizations. When a politician declares a… Continue reading Lies All The Way Down

Not “in the middle.”

Are libertarians "half liberal, half conservative" as some say? No. Both but sides cloak themselves with a tiny percentage of libertarian , and ignore the rest. The commonality between the two is much larger than the differences. For instance, libertarians are sometimes derided as "Republicans who smoke pot." Well, when a D or R politician… Continue reading Not “in the middle.”

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War and Loathing

Back in the late 60s, I was in High School, and chose to write about the Vietnam War, which was still ongoing - it ended in 1975, with the fall of Saigon. In those days, I could say I leaned heavily libertarian, by instinct, but I hadn't yet read much, nor developed it much. So… Continue reading War and Loathing