Border Collectivization

Government borders are categorically different from private borders. When you and I separately define the borders of our individual properties, we define them for ourselves only. You and I may allow or exclude whomever we please. We may make different choices for ourselves, but may not impose those choices on each other. National immigration controls… Continue reading Border Collectivization


Skip The Whereases

My father taught me something wise. "When you hear somebody say 'blah blah blah but such-and-such,' the word 'but' is a signal. Everything before the 'but' is preamble, which you can safely ignore. After the 'but', that's the real substance, that's what they were leading you to. That's the important part." Whenever politicians speak, I… Continue reading Skip The Whereases

Borders != Doors

Having locks on some doors does not mean that every door, every road, every shopping mall, every border should be locked and should require ID checks. I say this in response to BCFs (Border Control Freaks) who constantly draw a false analogy between sealed borders and a locked door. The analogy is doubly false. First… Continue reading Borders != Doors

People: Resource or Burden?

Economist Julian Simon passed away on the 8th of February, 1998. This anniversary is a good time to recommend one of his books, the Ultimate Resource II. Published in 1996, this book updated Simon's 1981 book Ultimate Resource, which was itself a response to the many doomsayers who told us that mankind is running out… Continue reading People: Resource or Burden?

A Country is not a House.

Any time we have a discussion of borders, and who should be able to cross these lines, somebody will say something like "You advocate open borders? I will break your locks, enter your home, and sleep with your daughter." A country is not a house. A much more realistic analogy, if you wish to compare… Continue reading A Country is not a House.

Sealed Borders Are Not Gated Communities

"A sealed border is like a gated community" if and only if that gated community were a fortress owned by an autocratic tyrant. In the world in which we actually live, one may enter most gated communities if invited by ONE resident. I've been to parties which were hosted in gated communities. Say to the… Continue reading Sealed Borders Are Not Gated Communities

Anti-Immigrationists: no Sense of History

Arguments against immigration are not new; like zombies, they may be slain by evidence and logic, yet rise again to to trouble us over and over, altering not their methods but their targets. It is easy now to forget that the Irish were not always welcome. Signs such as the above greeted my father when… Continue reading Anti-Immigrationists: no Sense of History

If wishes were horses, this argument would fly.

Rand Paul - sometimes I love him, and sometimes he seems to forgot to engage his brain before speaking. The following quote was pulled from a recent interview: There was a PEW study that added up data from a lot of different countries, and asked them, if you could, would you go to the United… Continue reading If wishes were horses, this argument would fly.

Refuting the Hoppean Closed-Border Argument

Hoppe makes the case for non-open borders, even in an anarcho-capitalist society, here and in other places. He begins with the classical argument for free trade and open borders, which I paraphrase: wages and capital utilization tend to equalize, other things being equal. An influx of migrants tends to lower nominal wage rates, but will… Continue reading Refuting the Hoppean Closed-Border Argument