Bum Finds Place To Crash

Officers Larry and Cass spotted a bum sleeping on the street, and decided to have some fun. They kicked him awake. Frightened, he tried to ward off the blows. They beat him with their batons. "Halt! Leave that man alone." Larry and Cass turned to face the voice. They bristled, shifted batons to their off… Continue reading Bum Finds Place To Crash

A Safe Space

Troy Freeman-Li spotted a man and woman in heated conversation. He tuned in his bionic hearing and heard  "Bitch, you need to work. Get me three more paying customers, or I cut you." "I need some dope," she protested. The man reached back to slap her. But Troy had closed the gap, and caught the… Continue reading A Safe Space

Firearms and Peace

Author Carlisle E. Moody studied the history of personal violence in Europe, and came to a surprising conclusion. Personal violence has declined substantially in Europe from 1200-2010. The conventional wisdom is that the state’s monopoly on violence is the cause of this happy result. I find some evidence that does not support this hypothesis. I… Continue reading Firearms and Peace

Imagine No Guns? No Thanks

In a world without guns, the young and strong, and those who have time to master other weapons, utterly dominate the weak and defenseless. Is it better to arm the few against the many, or the many against the few? The answer depends, in large part, on whether you believe that the many prefer peace,… Continue reading Imagine No Guns? No Thanks

Queer Lives Are Worth Defending

Pink Pistols - Queer Lives Are Worth Defending A few years ago, I helped establish a chapter of Pink Pistols, a group of gays, lesbians, and friends who regularly get together to practice safe, legal and responsible use of firearms.  Why? To begin with, "queer lives are worth defending." I am such a big guy… Continue reading Queer Lives Are Worth Defending

Which Way To Liberty?

Political change is excruciatingly slow. You start with an idea - perhaps legalizing marijuana. You plant ideas. You negotiate, beg, bargain, vote, campaign, and nothing happens. Nothing. Nothing, Until one day - decades later - you finally have enough people onboard to win majorities. Even those of you who are "just a little libertarian" know… Continue reading Which Way To Liberty?

Why Pink Pistols?

Papa Libertarian helped to organize and promote several Pink Pistols chapters; groups of LGBT folk and friends who meet to practice and advocate for the safe, responsible, and legal use of firearms for self-defense and recreation. While LGBT folk come from everywhere, including gun-friendly homes, beginning shooters are not always comfortable "coming out" in gun… Continue reading Why Pink Pistols?