The Meshdek – A Demonstration

An early episode, from Jim’s college days, has surfaced.

Jim Wallenberg stepped onto the mat. He was facing Bruce Lee, the legendary martial artist – or, in any event, a lifelike simulacrum. The two sparred, trading blows, dodging, leaping, striking, kicking, spinning. He felt every blow as it landed; by the time the session stopped, he was dripping with sweat, panting, and feeling hurt all over.

“End Simulation,” he signaled. The scene faded. He accepted a glass of water from his father, Anthony Wallenberg.

“Wow. You did it. You really did it. That was amazing.”

Anthony beamed.

“Now, explain it to me. You implemented Dr. John Storrs Hall’s Utility Fog, right? Only you prefer to call it Utility Mesh?”

“Yes. It was originally designed to protect the body in the event of an automobile crash, by dynamically filling the space, and decelerating the human body in a controlled, safe manner. Normally, it allows movement, almost as if it were fog. I figured that, if it could react that swiftly, it could simulate an opponent in a match, such as this. That, combined with Interface access to your sensorium, creates an amazingly realistic simulation. You feel it, don’t you?”

“Yeah, I sure do.”

A new icon appeared in Jim’s vision, sent by Anthony. Jim pressed it, requesting a massage; a table appeared – using the same mesh technology. Jim laid on its surface, and disembodied hands worked on his aching muscles.

“Oh, there’s gonna be a market for that app,” he sighed.

“We have to bring the costs down. But yes, that will sell.” replied Anthony.

“You call this a Meshdeck?”

“Meshdek” corrected Anthony. “without the ‘c’. It’s like the holodeck, but using mesh technology and the Interface.”

“What if somebody else accesses my Interface? Could they harm me?”

“They could make you suffer,” replied Anthony. “Which is why you pay attention to cybersecurity, lad.”

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