Freedom Zone Confronts City Council

"Let's bring this meeting to order," said the Mayor. "Order, please." He banged the gavel. Quiet emerged in the packed City Council Chambers. Cameras flashed. "All right, to begin, this is a highly informal meeting, at the request of a group which calls themselves the Freedom Zone. This group, and the area where they reside,… Continue reading Freedom Zone Confronts City Council

Deregulation Of Innovation 

It's no secret that I object to many of Donald Trump's policy proposals. But I can certainly get behind one: deregulation. It has been estimated that the cost to an average household is about $15,000 per year, in terms of more expensive food, housing, education, health care, and many other goods and services. We can… Continue reading Deregulation Of Innovation¬†

If wishes were horses, this argument would fly.

Rand Paul - sometimes I love him, and sometimes he seems to forgot to engage his brain before speaking. The following quote was pulled from a recent interview: There was a PEW study that added up data from a lot of different countries, and asked them, if you could, would you go to the United… Continue reading If wishes were horses, this argument would fly.

Public Divisors?

Standard "Public Policy" and Keynesian theory depends on the existence of a so-called "economic multiplier" effect - government spending is supposed to increase the size of the economy. By this method, government allegedly "primes the pump" or "bootstraps" the economy to greater and greater heights. What if the received wisdom is wrong? This study suggests… Continue reading Public Divisors?

War and Loathing

Back in the late 60s, I was in High School, and chose to write about the Vietnam War, which was still ongoing - it ended in 1975, with the fall of Saigon. In those days, I could say I leaned heavily libertarian, by instinct, but I hadn't yet read much, nor developed it much. So… Continue reading War and Loathing

Coercion Trumps Voluntary Plans

Politicians love to plan things. Whenever we express our dismay over their plans, we often hear "We have a plan to bring progress and prosperity to this city. You naysayers have no plan." But a city with millions of people actually has millions of individual plans to put the resources of each individual to work,… Continue reading Coercion Trumps Voluntary Plans

Rainbow Fart Theories Fail

Apologists for government schools, when confronted with the long history of government failure, often respond along these lines: I agree. Government schools have been bad here, there, and everywhere. They are bad today, they have been bad for a hundred years. But if we could only find the right recipe, perhaps using rainbows collected from… Continue reading Rainbow Fart Theories Fail

Pro-social Exchange

Some people, claiming to be "anarchists," virulently oppose voluntary exchanges because, well, hierarchy and stuff. They conceive a world where every anarchist lives in his mother's basement, or perhaps on a bit of turf appropriated from the landlordz, and food and water magically appear whenever the "anarchist" wannabes stretch forth their hands, Garden of Eden… Continue reading Pro-social Exchange

Educating the Poor

Many people claim that government must educate, because otherwise the poor would not be able to afford education for their children. The only problem with this theory is the facts. There can hardy be any educator in America who is unfamiliar with the "achievement gap." No informed educator should be ignorant of the colossal failures… Continue reading Educating the Poor

Socialists Must Be Capitalists

It is fashionable in academia . . . that is, among people who have never run a business, or at least not a large-scale business - to decry capitalism as the root of all evils, and to suggest that worker-owned communes would solve all the problems of the world. Well, there's a wee problem. Even… Continue reading Socialists Must Be Capitalists