About Papa Libertarian

Papa Libertarian is a long-time libertarian activist, now based in Long Beach, California.

He home-schooled before it was cool, and now enjoys keeping an eye on his grandchildren, also home-schooled. His hobbies include the game of Go, reading, firearms, politics, writing, and others too numerous to list. Well-read in many libertarian / political / educational topics, he tends to specialize in education, the rights to self-defense, and economics issues.

Why “Papa Libertarian,” you ask? Well, PL has been a libertarian for about four decades, is old enough to be the daddy of most libertarians at today’s events, and his carefully-selected focus group is still laughing about “Libertarian Hunk.”

This picture is from his days as an organizer for Pink Pistols.


3 thoughts on “About Papa Libertarian”

  1. Good morning,
    I’m Brett Veinotte and I am the creator of the School Sucks Project. Would you mind if SSP periodically re-posted some your work on our site? It would just be an excerpt of one of your articles followed by a link to your blog. I would create an author account on my site for you that we can both access, in case you ever wanted to make any changes.

    Please check us out: http://schoolsucksproject.com/
    I think this could be a mutually beneficial cross promotion.

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