Deregulation Of Innovation 

It's no secret that I object to many of Donald Trump's policy proposals. But I can certainly get behind one: deregulation. It has been estimated that the cost to an average household is about $15,000 per year, in terms of more expensive food, housing, education, health care, and many other goods and services. We can… Continue reading Deregulation Of Innovation 

Computer Woes

I apologize for posting so little. My tablet behaves like a dervish whenever it heats up, so I must shut it down let it rest and cool down. My laptop won't boot. I hope, this Friday, to have help fixing the laptop. Think kind thoughts for me. Ciao!

Losing or Making Great Again?

Before trying to  "make America great," it would be wise to ask what sort of America we wish to be - a question raised by William Graham  Sumner. Many of today's ideas are old nonsense, cribbed from mercantilists and crony capitalists, not from the great liberal ideas which define the best of American thoughts. If… Continue reading Losing or Making Great Again?

Who Cares About Conspiracies?

I spend little time studying and talking about conspiracy theories. Why? Three main reasons. First, who cares? For your knowledge about a given conspiracy to have any use, it isn't enough for the theory to be true; you'll need to convince the very people who are already in on it. So, what are you going… Continue reading Who Cares About Conspiracies?