Skip The Whereases

My father taught me something wise. "When you hear somebody say 'blah blah blah but such-and-such,' the word 'but' is a signal. Everything before the 'but' is preamble, which you can safely ignore. After the 'but', that's the real substance, that's what they were leading you to. That's the important part." Whenever politicians speak, I… Continue reading Skip The Whereases

Borders != Doors

Having locks on some doors does not mean that every door, every road, every shopping mall, every border should be locked and should require ID checks. I say this in response to BCFs (Border Control Freaks) who constantly draw a false analogy between sealed borders and a locked door. The analogy is doubly false. First… Continue reading Borders != Doors

War and Loathing

Back in the late 60s, I was in High School, and chose to write about the Vietnam War, which was still ongoing - it ended in 1975, with the fall of Saigon. In those days, I could say I leaned heavily libertarian, by instinct, but I hadn't yet read much, nor developed it much. So… Continue reading War and Loathing

Defenders of Freedom: Needed Back Home.

The enemies of American freedom are not overseas. No foreign dictator wrote any "free speech zone" ordinances in America. No foreign dictator is responsible for SWAT teams breaking down the doors of people, shooting their dogs and sometimes their children, all based upon unsubstantiated rumors ("tips") that there might be drugs and weapons. No foreign… Continue reading Defenders of Freedom: Needed Back Home.

Who Would Defend?

Medieval scholars debated the number of angels who could fit on a pin. Today's thinkers debate such abstruse questions as "how would Ancapistan defend itself against a foreign invasion?" There is no simple answer; it's like asking "who would build a pencil?" Many people would, each adding their bit of expertise, skills, labor, and materials.… Continue reading Who Would Defend?