Math: Not So Formal!

In the fall of 1929 I made up my mind to try the experiment of abandoning all formal instruction in arithmetic below the seventh grade and concentrating on teaching the children to read, to reason, and to recite - my new Three R's. And by reciting I did not mean giving back, verbatim, the words… Continue reading Math: Not So Formal!


New word: state-spreaders, AKA statists - people who violently claim more than their share, whenever they can get away with it. Aided and abetted by: statheists, people who believe that the state is the solution to most or all problems, praise be to the state forever and ever, amen.

Steal Not Thy Child’s Time

My then-wife and I homeschooled two children until they reached ages 12 and 14. I'm also proud and delighted to be a grandfather, that my daughter has been home- or un-schooling her children (seven, aged 1-13 years), and that my son is very engaged with the education of his own. Unlike most dads, I initiated… Continue reading Steal Not Thy Child’s Time

Reading Improves Reading

From the "in other news, water is wet" file: Summer Reading Loss Reversed When Students Get Books to Keep On average, 80 percent of low-income children lose ground in reading proficiency over the summer.  Reading is Fundamental (RIF) wanted to cut that percentage in half. They did even better. How? RIF distributed books which children… Continue reading Reading Improves Reading

Imagine No Guns? No Thanks

In a world without guns, the young and strong, and those who have time to master other weapons, utterly dominate the weak and defenseless. Is it better to arm the few against the many, or the many against the few? The answer depends, in large part, on whether you believe that the many prefer peace,… Continue reading Imagine No Guns? No Thanks

Things Parents Can Do

The Economic Policy Institute recently released a report:  Five Social Disadvantages That Depress Student Performance (Why Schools Alone Can’t Close Achievement Gaps). The EPI being what it is - a think tank which promotes government solutions - it behaves as if it has a hammer and everything is a nail. Leaving that aside, there are… Continue reading Things Parents Can Do

Your Chains To Keep, Yours To Lose

A popular meme is captioned "The People Don't Know Their True Power." A politician speaks from a lectern, which sits upon a large plank, which juts over a cliff. An audience watches. One person leaves, stepping off the plank. If the others knew, they could do likewise, and the political "leader" would lose his support;… Continue reading Your Chains To Keep, Yours To Lose

That Awkward Stage

Claire Wolfe observed that "America is at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards." I can't disagree, but when I say this on Facebook or elsewhere, someone - possibly an agent provocateur - will inevitably express a wish to start "voting from the rooftops"… Continue reading That Awkward Stage

If wishes were horses, this argument would fly.

Rand Paul - sometimes I love him, and sometimes he seems to forgot to engage his brain before speaking. The following quote was pulled from a recent interview: There was a PEW study that added up data from a lot of different countries, and asked them, if you could, would you go to the United… Continue reading If wishes were horses, this argument would fly.