Encounter With LGBTQAI Protester

My family and I were walking through the Wallenberg Airport Mall. A middle-aged woman, wearing a shirt died in rainbow hues, held a sign: “Wallenberg Hostile To LGBTQAI rights.”

Curious, I introduced myself. “Hi, my name is Manus.”

“Hi, my name is Gloria.”

“How are you, Gloria? May I introduce my husband, Robert, and wife Traci? and this is little Alia.”

Gloria did a double take. “Thanks for your support.”

“I’m not sure what it is you think I might be supporting. I’m trying to find this alleged hostility.”

“Well, you have no anti-discrimination laws.”

“We have hardly any law at all. We don’t like to clutter the field.”

“But what if someone refuses to hire you?”

“I’d truly hate to work for someone who did not wish to associate with me.”

“But do you feel no solidarity with LGTBQAI folk?”

“I guess we might be at least a little bit LGBTQAI. Robert and I often do have sex, and he also has a pair of fully-functional milk-production units.” Robert began discreetly suckling Alia.

“We’d be delighted to share a cuppa tea with you. Could you tell me, is your sole objection to Wallenberg the mere lack of a law, or is there something more?”

“This is a serious issue, sir.”

“I’m sure. We have many serious people today. There is Felps, protesting the lack of laws against nudity, public sex, and gay sex. The gent next to him is protesting the lack of laws against drugs. Others are calling for regulation of education, firearms, and unattended children. We have a few 3D channels devoted to interviewing earnest protesters. These seem to be mainly of interest to folks who are curious about Wallenberg, or about protest culture. ”

“You allow firearms in this mall? That makes me feel terribly unsafe.”

My lovely wife Traci answered “My firearm improved my safety when a man attempted to rape me.”

“Did you shoot him?” Gloria’s lip curled in distaste.

“No need. It was enough to express my desire that he leave.”

“And he didn’t wrest your gun from you?”

“It isn’t so easy to disarm a lady, when you’re not Jackie Chan. The fellow left.”

“This place must be awfully violent.”

“Quite the opposite.”

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