Homeschooling: It Began With John Holt; a Personal Story

Way back in the late 70s, I got married, and my thoughts turned to the education of my future children. I read John Holt and A.S. Neill (of Summerhill fame) and The Continuum Concept. I wasn't satisfied with my education even though I had aced AP Calculus and AP Chemistry. I thought we could do… Continue reading Homeschooling: It Began With John Holt; a Personal Story

What If We Respect Children?

Democratic Free Schools basically apply the ideas of what we might describe as "classical democratic liberalism" to education. The children have real rights; they have a real vote in real decisions; they are autonomous. In short, they experience day-to-day life in a coherent, consistent classically liberal society, or as near as a school can match… Continue reading What If We Respect Children?