Makework Expands To Fill Time

Why are school lessons so bad? Perhaps we overlook the most crucial of reasons, discovered by Parkinson: work expands to fill time. Compulsory attendance laws mandate that children attend to something for ever-increasing parts of their lives, under the direction of professional educators, at ever-increasing cost. It simply wouldn't do to pay these educators to… Continue reading Makework Expands To Fill Time

How Not To Homeschool

Some folks really hated being homeschooled. I've asked what their own experiences were like, and received a catalog of exactly What Not To Do. (I am a huge fan of homeschooling, but it is possible to do it wrong.) For some parents, the main motivation is to Avoid The World. They've got a vision of… Continue reading How Not To Homeschool

An Unschooler Goes To College . . .

After 2 years at a community college, Cheri entered UNCC as a junior. She was only 17 years old, which nonplussed more than a few classmates, most of whom were over 20 years past their first wails. Cheri did her best to help other classmates past their rough spots, becoming the "go to girl" as… Continue reading An Unschooler Goes To College . . .

Homeschooling: It Began With John Holt; a Personal Story

Way back in the late 70s, I got married, and my thoughts turned to the education of my future children. I read John Holt and A.S. Neill (of Summerhill fame) and The Continuum Concept. I wasn't satisfied with my education even though I had aced AP Calculus and AP Chemistry. I thought we could do… Continue reading Homeschooling: It Began With John Holt; a Personal Story

What If We Respect Children?

Democratic Free Schools basically apply the ideas of what we might describe as "classical democratic liberalism" to education. The children have real rights; they have a real vote in real decisions; they are autonomous. In short, they experience day-to-day life in a coherent, consistent classically liberal society, or as near as a school can match… Continue reading What If We Respect Children?