Imagine No Guns? No Thanks

In a world without guns, the young and strong, and those who have time to master other weapons, utterly dominate the weak and defenseless. Is it better to arm the few against the many, or the many against the few? The answer depends, in large part, on whether you believe that the many prefer peace,… Continue reading Imagine No Guns? No Thanks

Queer Lives Are Worth Defending

Pink Pistols - Queer Lives Are Worth Defending A few years ago, I helped establish a chapter of Pink Pistols, a group of gays, lesbians, and friends who regularly get together to practice safe, legal and responsible use of firearms. ¬†Why? To begin with, "queer lives are worth defending." I am such a big guy… Continue reading Queer Lives Are Worth Defending

Why Pink Pistols?

Papa Libertarian helped to organize and promote several Pink Pistols chapters; groups of LGBT folk and friends who meet to practice and advocate for the safe, responsible, and legal use of firearms for self-defense and recreation. While LGBT folk come from everywhere, including gun-friendly homes, beginning shooters are not always comfortable "coming out" in gun… Continue reading Why Pink Pistols?