Can Ma and Pa Average Teach Their Own?

My previous blog entry, about my personal motivations for home education, revealed that my family and I are somewhat "above average" in math and reading skills. Does this mean that you must be some kind of freaking super-genius in order to help your children to learn? Not at all. Here is why: First off, who… Continue reading Can Ma and Pa Average Teach Their Own?

Until Then: When Homeschooling and Free Markets Are Not (yet) a Viable Option.

Many folks claim to "agree in principle" with home education, genuinely free-market schools, co-op schools, and complete separation of school and state, but also claim that "it isn't politically feasible yet." They said that about marijuana legalization and other positions too. Suppose you want to do better for your children, and cannot yet see how… Continue reading Until Then: When Homeschooling and Free Markets Are Not (yet) a Viable Option.

Math From Three To Seven

I must thank Luis Armendariz for pointing me to the PDF of this book, Math From Three To Seven, The Story of a Mathematical Circle for Preschoolers, by Alexander K. Zvonkin. This translation (the original was written in Russian) began with an observation by an American mathematician that Eastern European mathematicians, including Russians, are particularly… Continue reading Math From Three To Seven

What Are We, Chopped Liver?

The literature of schooling - self-styled "education" by its proponents - is a literature which at best ignores parents, and often disparages their participation. We parents are left asking "What are we, chopped liver?" There is a certain bitter amusement to read of the "30 million word" research, that educators spent so much effort trying… Continue reading What Are We, Chopped Liver?