Racialism is Bogus

The Unwelcome Revival of Race Science is far longer than need be, and carries a certain amount of unnecessary political baggage, but nonetheless, there's some gold among the dross. Gist: racial theories are on the rise, particularly among today's alt-right. To understand why the claims of race theorists are bogus, the author examines the data.… Continue reading Racialism is Bogus

Shoddy Foundations, Shoddy Science

The news has been abuzz about the study, or non-study, published and later retracted by a respected peer-reviewed journal, Science. The Case of the Amazing Gay-Marriage Data: How a Graduate Student Reluctantly Uncovered a Huge Scientific Fraud The Strangest Thing About Michael LaCour’s Response to the Academic Fraud Allegations Leveled Against Him LaCour is being… Continue reading Shoddy Foundations, Shoddy Science