The World Is Not Your Cloister

"How does a child who is home schooled learn to deal with 'real life'?" must be one of the most common questions asked of homeschoolers. Every time, I must resist a strong urge to bang my head against the desk. The question is exactly backwards. What is school, as most of us know it? An… Continue reading The World Is Not Your Cloister

Professionals, Teach Thyselves

Some unfortunate homeschooled kids are upset when discovering that they, as specific individuals, must take remedial math when starting college. I get this - but why do these students not realize that this is also true for about half of those who attended government-provided and -managed and -regulated schools? This is not a reason for… Continue reading Professionals, Teach Thyselves

How Not To Homeschool

Some folks really hated being homeschooled. I've asked what their own experiences were like, and received a catalog of exactly What Not To Do. (I am a huge fan of homeschooling, but it is possible to do it wrong.) For some parents, the main motivation is to Avoid The World. They've got a vision of… Continue reading How Not To Homeschool

Educational Freedom – a Disclaimer

I post often about home education, and will continue to do so. Some folks wonder if I am claiming that home education is the solution for everybody. Far from the case. I'm pretty sure I've written more than a few posts about free-market education. Click on "tooley" and/or "sudbury" in the tag cloud, for example,… Continue reading Educational Freedom – a Disclaimer

What Are We, Chopped Liver?

The literature of schooling - self-styled "education" by its proponents - is a literature which at best ignores parents, and often disparages their participation. We parents are left asking "What are we, chopped liver?" There is a certain bitter amusement to read of the "30 million word" research, that educators spent so much effort trying… Continue reading What Are We, Chopped Liver?