War and Loathing

I chose to write about the Vietnam War in the late 60s, while it was still ongoing - it ended in 1975, with the fall of Saigon. In those days, I could say I leaned heavily libertarian by instinct, but I hadn't yet read much, nor developed my ideas. I went to the main branch… Continue reading War and Loathing

Pro-social Exchange

Some people, claiming to be "anarchists," virulently oppose voluntary exchanges because, well, hierarchy and stuff. They conceive a world where every anarchist lives in his mother's basement, or perhaps on a bit of turf appropriated from the landlordz, and food and water magically appear whenever the "anarchist" wannabes stretch forth their hands, Garden of Eden… Continue reading Pro-social Exchange

Why Schools Suck: The Economics You Were Not Taught

American schools are among the most expensive in the world, yet far from the top, performance-wise. This is designed into their nature, due to something which any decent school ought to teach, if students are to understand democracy - but that is not an oversight but a feature. Schools are a prime example of concentrated… Continue reading Why Schools Suck: The Economics You Were Not Taught