Educating the Poor

Many people claim that government must educate, because otherwise the poor would not be able to afford education for their children. The only problem with this theory is the facts. There can hardy be any educator in America who is unfamiliar with the "achievement gap." No informed educator should be ignorant of the colossal failures… Continue reading Educating the Poor

Nuke Government Schools? A Thought Experiment

Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry proposes a thought experiment: Imagine that omnipotent space aliens from the planet Zyrglax land on Earth and take control of the United States. But these aliens are somewhat bizarre, and they change only one thing: they teleport all [government] school buildings into the sun, and prohibit the government from any action or law… Continue reading Nuke Government Schools? A Thought Experiment

Why Schools Fail: The Economic Calculation Problem

Why has researcher Larry Cuban concluded that more than a century of constant reform has led to effectively no change? Why are government schools so resistant to fundamental change? While Larry Cuban and Richard Elmore and other educational researchers use their considerable knowledge and expertise to explore the myriad details of educational institutions themselves, I… Continue reading Why Schools Fail: The Economic Calculation Problem