Wherefore Genius? Wherefore not?

Could John Taylor Gatto be right when he observed: After a long life, and thirty years in the public school trenches, I've concluded that genius is as common as dirt. We suppress our genius only because we haven't yet figured out how to manage a population of educated men and women. The solution, I think,… Continue reading Wherefore Genius? Wherefore not?

Educating the Poor

Many people claim that government must educate, because otherwise the poor would not be able to afford education for their children. The only problem with this theory is the facts. There can hardy be any educator in America who is unfamiliar with the "achievement gap." No informed educator should be ignorant of the colossal failures… Continue reading Educating the Poor

How Mediocre Is American Education? Compared to What?

The United States spends more per student than all others, but international tests place it only in the middle of the pack. Those nations and individuals who do better may actually benefit largely from extra-governmental efforts by parents, efforts which are officially deprecated and seldom studied. Historically, literacy rates and levels of competence in America… Continue reading How Mediocre Is American Education? Compared to What?