Common Core: Same Old, Same Old

In the 1990s, Outcomes-Based Education had many parents in an uproar. I attended and spoke at a meeting in Greensburg, PA - the State Board of Education was listening to parents voice their opinions about Outcomes Based Education, which was then in vogue. I believe both Anita Hoge and Peg Luksik were present that day.… Continue reading Common Core: Same Old, Same Old

Math Texts: The Horrors, The Horrors

Everybody complains about Common Core. Before that, the New New Math. Before that, the New Math. Parents seem to sense that "The textbooks in my day were not too bad, but these new ones are just off-the-charts horrific." I'd say they're only half-right. For generations, textbooks have been really bad. Here is an article about… Continue reading Math Texts: The Horrors, The Horrors