Math From Three To Seven

I must thank Luis Armendariz for pointing me to the PDF of this book, Math From Three To Seven, The Story of a Mathematical Circle for Preschoolers, by Alexander K. Zvonkin. This translation (the original was written in Russian) began with an observation by an American mathematician that Eastern European mathematicians, including Russians, are particularly… Continue reading Math From Three To Seven

Building Scholastic Culture In The Family

Many people who talk about "culture wars" are like bulls distracted by a red cape: aiming at the wrong place entirely. They're looking for certain results instead of methods; at ends rather than means. This way leads to confusion. A growing body of research about education is finally paying attention to the crucial role of… Continue reading Building Scholastic Culture In The Family

The Math Gap

Are you afraid of math? Many adults are. About 1 in 5 American adults are characterized as "innumerate" - they can't do basic arithmetic problems such as adding fractions, working with measurements, and doing whole number arithmetic problems, according to a study about how math skills develop. The standard for innumeracy is not high; Geary… Continue reading The Math Gap

Teaching Math To Toddlers

Four generations of my family - or more - are very good with math, often testing years ahead of the curve. Why? Is it all genetics? Or are we doing something different? Many folks imagine flash cards and lessons and worksheets. Too slow, too late, possibly counter-productive and ineffective. Changing diapers should be a pleasant… Continue reading Teaching Math To Toddlers