Please Don’t Feed Outrage Pr0n

A certain category of the “news” which clutters our feeds is so fake, the headlines stink of fraud. I refer to headlines of the form <horrible thing> done to <sweet things> by <enemies du jour.>

These articles are merely poison to the mind. Often, the story is a complete fraud, from start to finish. Other times, it was intended as a spoof. Still others, a picture of one thing has been given a new and false label.

Always, they are written to tug at your heart strings. Oh, those poor babies. Those poor Christians. Those poor LGBT. Those poor polar bears. Something terrible is done. I must signal my heartbreak, my outrage, my patriotism, my virtue. A classic example – but one of myriads – is the hoax about babies being thrown out of incubators – was repeated ad nauseam by mainstream news.

Before you repost such outrage pr0n, why not use those powerful search engines? Better yet, use your own powerful brain to search out evidence, for and against.

For and against. If you don’t look for and weigh both, you are not doing research; you are simply feeding your confirmation bias.

Does this take time? Yes. If that’s too much of an investment, there is a shortcut.

Don’t feed the concern trolls. Just scroll to the next.

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