Anti-Immigrationists: no Sense of History

Arguments against immigration are not new; like zombies, they may be slain by evidence and logic, yet rise again to to trouble us over and over, altering not their methods but their targets.

It is easy now to forget that the Irish were not always welcome. Signs such as the above greeted my father when he looked for work during the Great Depression. “No Irish Need Apply.”

The Irish, like many other immigrants – Germans, Polish, Jews, Chinese, Mexicans, and now Muslims – were accused of “not assimilating” when, in truth, it was those already settled in America who had the greatest difficulty assimilating to change.

If you live in America, if you speak English, if you’ve got your legal residency card, and you’re still afraid of competition from those who must learn the language and customs, you’ve got bigger problems than immigration. Work on your own self-improvement, and let others work on theirs.

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