Not “in the middle.”

Are libertarians “half liberal, half conservative?” No. Politicians from both sides cloak themselves with a tiny percentage of libertarian raiment, and ignore the rest of our ideas. The commonality between the two “opposites” is much larger than their differences.

For instance, libertarians are sometimes derided as “Republicans who smoke pot.” Well, when a D or R politician gets hold of marijuana law, their impulse is to tax and regulate it until it stops moving. A libertarian would say “back off, and leave peaceful people alone.”

Or take educational freedom. Libertarians say “separate school and state.” D and R politicians argue about exactly how the State should control the process of education. They argue about small details, not fundamental principles. Their coercion and micromanagement suck life and joy out of learning.

Or war – the Republicans openly advocate for war – against Iran, for example – but Obama and Clinton and Trump are not actually against war, otherwise our troops would already be back home, and we wouldn’t be dropping thousands of bombs. Libertarians are all “mind your business.” We’d show respect for our soldiers by bringing them home.

The natural impulse of the politician is to coerce, to control, and to deflect you from the path which you would choose. The natural principle of the libertarian is to leave you alone.


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