Medical Marijuana: A Personal Perspective

I never used “illicit” drugs, until recently. When I was young, I thought that anti-drug propaganda might be at least partly true. As I learned more, it became obvious that this was hardly the case.

But working in the computer biz, often in sensitive positions, where they give pee tests and ask questions and check backgrounds, I made a professional decision: don’t touch the stuff.

My resolve lasted until I was about 58 years old, and had a problem I didn’t know how to handle: debilitating neuropathy in both feet. I could deal with having trouble walking, or not even walking at all. I could deal with random pains as I tried to take care of laundry, shopping, and so forth.

What bothered me was that I literally could not sleep at night. Night after night after night. Partly, the problem was the pain itself; partly, my own reaction to having a boatload of medical problems and no way to deal with them. I drank myself to a stupor many nights in a row, which brought its own problems, interfering with the natural ability of the body to heal itself. I gained over 60 pounds.

Then, one evening, I tried a bit of medical marijuana, a chocolate bar with some THC. At first, I didn’t think it was doing anything. But I woke up at 7 AM, and thought “Gosh, that was the best night’s sleep I’ve had in many months.”

Getting more sleep helped me cut way back on the drinking. I shed 40 lbs, and hope to lose 40 more. The neuropathy hasn’t gone away, but it is not as bad. Still can’t walk or stand or sit for long; but my health is better than before.

It’s no panacea, but it solves some problems, better than other alternatives. This should be legal everywhere. I put far more trust in my abilities to suss out what is good, and what is not, than in the agendas of people who are more interested in power than in my well-being.

Some folks may be well-meaning, but the old coalition between moralists, producers and enforcers brings together unlikely bedfellows whose very livelihood depends upon certain drugs being illegal.

These folks need to find more peaceful ways to provide for their needs. And we need to find more peaceful ways to help people.


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