The Deez Nuts Rule

A high school sophomore from Iowa filed papers to run as President, and persuaded a polling organization to include the made-up name “Deez Nuts” in their polls. 

He soared to 9% in North Carolina, did well in other polls, and won mentions all over the media. 

I propose the Deez Nuts Rule: when a kid with nothing but a preposterous name outpolls you, get off the stage. 

My tongue might be firmly in my cheek. You decide. 

But, seriously, when someone votes for Deez Nuts, what could be on their minds? 

“I really like how Deez Nuts fared in the debates, and his position papers are both knowledgeable and witty and sound, and I loved his ads and that viral video.” 

No, because Deez Nuts didn’t do any of that. He was the most minimalist, the most invisible candidate imaginable. 

I can only speculate, but how can we explain this surge? 

I suggest that 9% of those polled jumped at a chance to “flip the bird” at the entire polling process, and have their votes be counted. We’ve ignored “undecided” voters. Pollsters never ask “what about NOTA (none of the above.) ”

Until today. About 9% of those polled may believe Deez Nuts can govern better than any number of guys with overblown egos and fat bank accounts and narcissistic self-regard. The number could be much higher.

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