Some Bad Arguments Against Homeschooling

ZS is spot on. To paraphrase slightly, many of the arguments against homeschooling are lazy because they are almost always only applied to homeschoolers. The people who ask them rarely ask them of the obvious alternatives — traditional schools (particularly traditional public schools). This status quo bias is a tricky psychological situation for most people to break out of. They come to see what is most common around them as “normal,” “natural,” and “good,” without seriously questioning it. If many of the arguments below were applied to traditional schools, the schools would collapse tomorrow from parents withdrawing their children in outrage.

Zak Slayback

If you pull the average American off the street and ask them to describe what they think the average homeschool family looks like, they’d probably paint the picture of a bunch of children and adults wearing pleated khakis, button-downs with sweaters, socially awkward children, sheltered and overly-structured in their lives (or, oddly enough, totally unstructured in their lives and constantly causing chaos).

In Europe, homeschoolers face even more scrutiny. Seen as cultists by the media at large, they are treated even worse than domestic terrorists in some central and western European nations.

Even people who are more libertarian in terms of education would likely say, “sure, I don’t think it should be illegal, but I’d never do it myself. … How would the children become socialized? … I wouldn’t want to spend that much time around my children. …” and the list goes on.

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