Regulate All The Cooks?

Folks often praise my seafood paella, my Spanish tortilla, and my pot roasts. How did I learn to cook? I’ll divulge my secret: pure self-defense. I either had to learn to cook, or pretend to love my first wife’s cooking. Never was a woman so ill-prepared for the challenges of the kitchen, nor so stubbornly reluctant to learn from experience.

Now, given that at least one horribly bad cook exists, I propose – tongue in cheek of course – that we regulate all the cooks! If we cannot ban home cooking, let us at least demand proper training and certification! You may be excused for thinking that I’ve gone off the deep end.

Why, then, do we take the few examples of bad home education and immediately call to ban and/or regulate parents who are teaching their own?

Better to make information available; to point out the good and bad; to allow educators the freedom to learn. As much as I love home education, for instance, I speak often of the lessons to be learned from the experiences of Correa, Gatto, and Benezet – all of whom worked within the confines of schools. Would that “professional” educators and their advocates were as open-minded.


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