Educational Freedom – a Disclaimer

I post often about home education, and will continue to do so. Some folks wonder if I am claiming that home education is the solution for everybody. Far from the case. I’m pretty sure I’ve written more than a few posts about free-market education. Click on “tooley” and/or “sudbury” in the tag cloud, for example, and you’ll find posts about those.

Perhaps my best exposition of my overall position on education – beyond the phrase “100% complete separation of school and state” – is this book list.

As for home education, I’ll put it this way: it’s probably easier than you think. If you want your child to succeed in a more traditional school, you’ll be involved to the tune of an hour or two per day. If you come from a family where children customarily succeed in school, you’ve probably been interacting in important ways with your child from day one – click the 30 million word tag to see what I’m talking about. And this day-to-day one-or-two hour involvement in your child’s education is actually about the level of commitment needed to be a successful home schooler. If you are an “involved parent,” you (and your child) have already been doing most of the heavy lifting all along.

Sure, sometimes your child gets lucky and has an exceptional teacher who really does more of the lifting. For most people, that’s one in a lifetime. Teachers themselves will tell you that “crowd control” sucks the energy right out of most; there is little time left to actually teach. Sucks the joy of learning out of your child, too.

That could change – with a genuine free market. I suppose I ought to do a post about the different incentives faced by government schools and voluntary institutions – but that’s for another day.

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