How Mediocre Is American Education? Compared to What?

  • The United States spends more per student than all others, but international tests place it only in the middle of the pack.
  • Those nations and individuals who do better may actually benefit largely from extra-governmental efforts by parents, efforts which are officially deprecated and seldom studied.
  • Historically, literacy rates and levels of competence in America have declined markedly.
  • Home-educated students score, on average, at the 85th percentile. Compared to this, today’s schools are not even close to what they could be.
  • When compared to exceptional teachers (Sergio Juárez Correa, John Taylor Gatto, Jaime Escalante, Louis Benezet), most schools are just phoning it in. Many other hard-working teachers seem to be trapped in a system which works even harder in the opposite direction.

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