Home Education: Tipping Point?

Home education has grown rapidly since the 70s. Now (2012 data), it is estimated that over 3.4% of American children learn at home – and their numbers keep growing.

For decades, the NEA (National Education Association) has opposed home education. In 2008, they may have been pleased when a California court ruled that home-schooling parents had to be certified teachers.

Weeks later, the court reversed itself. Why? The legislature was asked to consider the costs of admitting 166,000 home schoolers at once, building 5000 new classrooms, increasing staff, and other related costs.

Naturally, they balked. Support from the NEA isn’t worth that much.

Home education is now popular enough that many politicians don’t want to win the battle to ban home education; it would be too costly to provide “free” government education to replace it.


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