What if we admit that “Children Educate Themselves” – and run with it?

Excerpt from Peter Gray’s article (below)

Most students of education have never heard of [Sudbury Valley School]. Professors of education ignore it, not out of malice but because they cannot absorb it into their framework of educational thought. The Sudbury Valley model of education is not a variation of standard education. It is not a progressive version of traditional schooling. It is not a Montessori school or a Dewey school or a Piagetian constructivist school. It is something entirely different. To understand the school one has to begin with a completely different mindset from that which dominates current educational thinking. One has to begin with the thought: Adults do not control children’s education; children educate themselves.


Looking at all the graduates of schools, and the dropouts as well, can we honestly deny that children educate themselves, with only tangential reference to the efforts of the adults who try to control and micromanage the process of education? How much of their thousands of hours of mandatory instruction is actually retained a decade later, by the typical child? How much do you remember?

My reply would be “only those parts which deeply interested the child.” So why not let the child do the driving?


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